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Purunchan Gomguk(Korean style mild soup rice) with soy meat


L    low-carb


Sugar 8.7g Calories 57kcal 


 Dietary fiber granule processed product (konjac flour, glucomannan) (manufactured in Japan),comtan seasoning liquid (sugar, vegetable protein hydrolyzate, salt, beef extract, soy sauce, creaming powder, vegetable extract, edible vegetable fat, grated garlic, spices ), Granular soybean protein, white onion, non-glutinous rice, brown rice, Mochi wheat / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, powdered cellulose, thickener (processed starch, xanthan), coloring agent (cocoa, caramel, red yeast rice, rack) , Emulsifiers, spice extracts, (some include wheat, dairy ingredients, beef and soybeans)

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