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Low carb Food


   What is Purunchan?    
​We,Umifoods co.,ltd, are the group company of Omikenshi co.,ltd.

Omikenshi, one of the Rayon fiber manufacturing company in Japan,
had researched and  
developed about Cellulose which is the material of Rayon.
Cellulose has no calorie and sugar. But it contains dietary fiber.
We mixed Konjac and Cellulose for producing Dietary Fiber Processed Food
"Purunchan". Omikenshi got the technical prize in Cellulose Society in Japan.

​Purunchan had 2 shapes, one is the rice shape and the other is noodle.
Even though using konjac as a material, Purunchan has no typical smell or
taste, so that Purunchan is good for cooking various types of foods.


Official Character "Purunchan" 

PurunPKG_tsubu_1708 2.tif
PurunPKG_men_1708 2.tif

   Low-carb in Life    
These days in Japan we know Low-carb, which restricts the sugar

20g-40g per one meal, is good for health.

〇A bowl of rice(180g) about 66g sugar
Purunchan 0g sugar

〇instant noodles          35g

Purunchan noodle with soup  4.1~0.8g

Especially for dinner or midnight meal Purunchan is good.
Or Our low-carb  porridge is good for breakfast.

Generally Low carb foods or diet foods  are  not delicious,
but we are trying to produce our Purunchan

Purunchan Noodles>>

Purunchan Rice>>

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